Derby County V Sheff Weds - Predictions
A one off Sheep Fiddlers special predictions game to commemorate Derby's potential slide into L1.

I couldn't let this one go without a Predictions League special to get our loyal supporters to have their say on how they think the Lambs will do on their 'Cup Final' day.

Same rules apply as they do in the Aaron Higgs Predictions League, HT, FT predictions etc but this is strictly for fun and there will be no league table afterwards or prizes for those who are the closest to the correct prediction.

This one is open to all (COYR members and Guests)

So, as we say in the AHPL, it's over to you........................
''My Desire is always to be here, oh City Ground''.
HT 0-0
FT 0-1

The Rams are relegated on the final day.
Πιστέψτε το, θα τα καταφέρω.
Nice try Tricky but for me they are 2 crap sides. I couldn’t believe the lack of fight Wednesday put up against us on Saturday considering what was at stake. Heard their players havent been paid either which wont exactly help with motivation.

0-0 and the Sheep survive by the skin of their teeth.
HT 1-0
FT 1-2, which would be absolutely hilarious.

Both go down
HT Derby 3 Wednesday 0
FT Derby 3 Wednesday 6

Even a big win might not save Wednesday but they really need to score quite a few and have to win

I'm sure Derby will muster something diabolical and surpass all expectations
In a tree by the brook, there's a songbird who sings, sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven COYR's
Derby 0-0 Wed
Derby 0-1 Wed
sheep 1-0 HT
sheep 1-2 FT
Owls equaliser in the 96th minute
Owls winner in the 97th minute
0-1 ht
0-2 ft

Bye bye Derby.
2-0 h/t
2-1 90th minute
2-2 95th minute
2-3 98th minute
2-3 f/t
Derby 0 - Sheffield Wednesday anything but 0.

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